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In today’s uncertain economic climate and instability of other Mediterranean countries, where else offers the same level of security, regulation and return on investment married with the glamour, climate and culture other than the French Riviera?

It is RPN’s ambition to proactively promote the Cote d’Azur and educate new potential buyers about the opportunities here and market top luxury properties for sale.

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Why invest in property in the French Riviera?

Like all investment vehicles, buying an investment property is all about timing. In addition where you buy that investment property is also key to a successful return or a good rate of Capital appreciation.

The French Riviera Property Market is becoming a more attractive area of Investment in relation to other areas of France such as the Normandy, Bordeaux where several thousands of Expats have invested over the past 30 Years.

Investing in French Riviera property with its superb location in the Mediterranean (Italy to the East, Spain to the West) fantastic all year round weather (its why the UK elitist class first started coming to the French Riviera in the first place) and various industries in the towns of the French Riviera, now might just be the time to take that plunge and buy either an apartment or that 2nd home/villa and become an owner of a French Riviera property.

It was a common fact that most investors searching for a French Riviera Property investment opportunity would tend to not explore the French Riviera because of its Prices, However over the Past 10 years it is apparent that with many of the French Riviera New Build Property Developments that have become available, and properties offering Rental Returns has given a new and more affordable Angle to Investing in the French Riviera Property Market.

With the French Riviera offering up to 40 Weeks of sun, and sandy beaches, and just a short flight away from the UK and many other European countries its fast becoming the most popular destination for Family Holidays or Business trips, giving you the opportunity to add your Investment to the short term letting Market which is a booming Industry along the French Riviera, where Investment returns can be in the region of 4 – 8 % depending on your Investment Location.

Cannes is a very popular property investment location, due to the fact its home for several large International Business Events, Including the Famous Cannes Film Festival, which offers the opportunity for Private Apartment/Villa owners to rent their properties to visitors of these Markets at a higher Rental Price compared to the Holiday Market.

There are several other destinations along the French Riviera that are very popular for Holidays such as Golf Juan, Cagnes Sur Mer, la Var, which again can have a great interest for Short term Holliday lettings, to help your Investment become more profitable and probably around 30% cheaper purchase price than the popular areas such as Cannes, St Tropez, Nice, Antibes.

A great French Riviera Property investment can cost anywhere from 95.000€ for a Studio – up to 1.5 Million Plus for a Villa with Pool. The main aspect is to buy right in order to have a stable capital appreciation Value, Also an Investment that you can get usage from, i.e. Family Holidays etc, also gives an additional aspect to your French Riviera Property Investment, due to the fact you can Holiday in one of the most lucrative destinations in the world, in a French Riviera Property owned by you.

The French Riviera Property Market offers so much compared to other areas of France, due to the long Summer Months, Great restaurants, and Lifestyle, easy access from UK, and other European destinations. And now more importantly affordable Investment opportunities without breaking the Bank. Of course many years ago the French Riviera Property Market was marketed to the Wealthy Jet setters however the French Riviera Property Market although has not and never will loose its “Je ne sais quoi” has now created affordable Property Investment Opportunities that can give great returns, and an increasing rise in capital appreciation of between 3 – 6% per Annum.

In summary, if you are looking for an investment property which pays for itself, is immune to the peaks and troughs of the property market somewhat associated with the UK, and provides both capital appreciation and strong rental yields, then make sure you look no further than the French Riviera Property Market.

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Property Spotlight
Property Spotlight

Le Tignet. Beautiful stone 19th century Mas, 7 bedrooms. Perfect B and B, 3 acres with pool.